Is Alienware 17 a good laptop?


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May 23, 2014
Alright so I'm heading to college in the fall, and I've been shopping around for a laptop to bring with me. My cousin recommended Alienware computers and I really liked the 17 over the over two choices. So what I'm wondering is it truly as immersive and incredible for gaming as they say it is? And secondly, can it also handle other basic academic necessities that I would need as a college student?



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May 24, 2014
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First of all, it is huge. If you are going to be carrying it around from class to class, you would get a bit tiresome. If size does not matter, the battery life is also fairly weak. It definitely has more than enough power to suit your college needs, but the price is also fairly high. Compared to gaming computers with similar specs at the base model, though, they are around the same price. I will list the computers here that I was looking at for school.
Here's an MSI laptop that is quite thin that I have heard many good things about:
Here's another one that has a bit bigger screen size, 17 inch instead of 15:
This one you have probably heard of, it is the thinnest one out there. It has pretty bad battery life from its QHD+ screen, but is also very expensive:
This is the bigger version of the Blade, 17 inch instead of 14. It is bigger but has worse components:
These are the laptops that I would recommend from hours upon hours of research for my own school computer. I do not know if college is different how the classes go, but for me, I would not want to be carrying around a 10 pound behemoth of a laptop. If you want to know if a laptop is as immersive as a desktop or other gaming laptops? No and yes. The Alienware 17 is more of an eye puller because most computer noobs know the name "Alienware" as the best computer company ever. It also has a cool backlit keyboard, mousepad, fans, and alien logo which really draws their eye in. In comparison to other 17 inch laptops, it is just the power that makes the difference, the stuff only you and other computer junkies would know and care about. The lights are cool and all, but you won't use them that often after the first month. Compared to desktops, laptops will never be better. For a desktop, you have nearly infinite space to fit all of the components. Laptops, on the other hand, have to be crammed with parts, a battery, and a screen, and have to be expected to carried around and accidentally dropped once in a while. In conclusion, the Alienware 17 could work for you if you really like the AlienFX and don't care about the bulk and battery.
Everything stated by yAAAAAb is pretty much true..What my son did for collage he is studying medicine was to by the 17 in Alienware. He wanted a system with the power of a desktop which it is with out the bulk of one. He was told by several students the best thing for class is to carry a tablet. He has found the tablet is plenty for what he needs and is glade he has the desktop replacement . Hope this helps and good luck.