Is it possible to replace the power supply of an Alienware 51 R4 with a 3d party one?


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Apr 5, 2021
The issue is when I use a non-OEM video card such as the EVGA 2080 TI, it draws more power than the stock OEM 1080 TI, which causes the computer to shut immediately when the EVGA 2080 TI goes under load. I have a 1500-watt power supply that is showing an overvoltage of 12.62 volts on pin 24. This is .02 volts out of specifications and the computer is not even attached to the power supply during this test, so the power supply is not under load. It should be enough for Dell to replace the power supply, but they will not because the computer passes all the diagnostics using the OEM card. Dell will not fix my issue, even though I was told when I bought the $5000 computer that it was fully upgradable and could easily support a two-way SLI due to the 1500-watt power supply.

I have the service manual, but it does not give me the specifications of the type of power cables that connect to the motherboard and other peripherals.

Has anyone successfully replaced the OEM Alienware power supply with a third-party version?