Is Sapphire Radeon RX 470 OC compatible with X51 r2?


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Nov 28, 2016
My video card died and I am looking at this card as replacement:

Is this card compatible with x51 R2? I got the 330W PSU with the i7-4770 processor, 8GB ram, and 2TB HDD. Will there be power or heating problems? This version of the card is overclocked so it would draw more power compared to the reference RX 470. My friend told me I would need at least a 400W PSU...


Nov 3, 2013
This card is excellent in x51 r2.

I have about the same spec pc and this very same card.

Works great No issues.
I play Armored warfare,(60 fps High settings Vsync)-) Elite dangerous (220 fps) and Eve online(60fps)highest settings )200 fps off. I play 6-10 hours a day(no outside life) it will hit (80c at times)
Its quite and is a goods choice, and it fits with no needed modifications
As far as power No problem-AMD Radeon setting Global- has power efficiency enabled by default- this seems to have no negative effects on fps.
my 3Dmark 11 benchmarks is over 13k
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Nov 3, 2013
Well there's No problem with power draw( that was spoken of at release)AMD addressed it and in Radeon setting there's a Tab Power efficacy on by default.

Looking at cpuZ now at idle is 9.4 w during high end graphics gaming I will look today ;I believe around 139w the highest I saw recorded by Wattman)Radeon prg was 150w That's Total power draw from both PCEi And POWER supply combined.

80C IS THE PEAK AFTER LONG gtx in this same computer would run at 84-87 at medium settings so this is Way better 80 is peak and it is a constant value.

also my ambient temp, I live in a warm climate No AC is around 87F at that time.

I will up sate this if you like I will monitor logs again.. its much cooler here now

Also just ran the Heaven Bench mark 1980 x 1080. 2200 score 3Dmark 11 13k

I do no under clocking or addition OC

quick up day just reran Heaven in Max settings\
1.1920x1080, Fullscreen, 8x Anti-Aliasing
2.Ultra Quality
3.Extreme Tessellation
4.No integrated GPU enabled, unless it's the only GPU in the build
5.Tessellation correctly set up on AMD cards and not bypassed in CCC

My max temp was 79c max power draw was 154w
Min FPS:
Max FPS:
Note these setting were Ultra and extreme highest setting in game bench mark
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