Is the Alienware x51 desktop good?

Ok forget about the money, I really don't care about the money, but is the Alienware x51 desktop good for playing games, skyping, and video editing? And don't bring up any other computer I just want to know if it's good for those reasons.

Hello Lucianalone31, it's not "good" it's exactly the same that ALL the computers.. search at reviews in Google about which configuration you want to select.. for example.. look for the benchmark of the GTX 760.. and then, you'll have the performance of the PC at games, video editing, etc...

If you buy the cheapest one, with i3, and GTX745... you can search in Google about the performance of the GTX 740.. of course it's not very good for gaming at FullHD

I see You

Jan 2, 2014
WA state
It's a ok gaming machine i would not say to good but its ok, it will play most games on med to high, yes its a ok for skyping and video editing. BTW i have the 2012 model, the newer one may be slightly better i don't know too much about it. i have only done one thing to mine at that was add a gtx 660 ti, to get slightly better game play. i play most games on high now. But if i was you if you have not bought one yet, not trying to deter you away from alienware, but if you're not worried about money build your own, or have a custom mom and pop computer shop build a custom gaming rig for you, that would be a more capable machine and you could play on ultra high and stuff. You would get more for your money.