Is the core version of the Alienware 14 good for gaming?


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May 21, 2014
is the original Alienware 14 (Without any upgrades) good for gaming as in it will not lag or crash when played with BF4?

I have the $1000 stock version of the alienware 14 the one with the Dual core hyperthreaded I5 and the GTX 750.. and It can run games on 1366x768 on high just fine.. i run warthunder on high skyrim on medium/high metro last light had some issues but even people with desktop grade 780s had problems and i had to change some things and use geforce to get it to work but when it did i ran it on high with about 30-50fps the $1000 version of the alienware 14 is very good. and very fast NOW battlefield 4 WILL NOT run very smoothly on Ultra. it can do it on high though Now for stability. I have had little crashes but with the 2g 750m and the 8g of ram which is more then enough.. i did have windows 8 alert me with low memory on some games even when i had plenty of memory.. but i have heard others complain of this and you can easily just close the alert without any games crashing


May 7, 2014
dont listen to these pple, if u re an harcore gamer, u ll probably run multiplayer competitive games with minimum details and hi frame rate, so gt 750m is ok.

But the dual core cpu will soon lower your fps under 60, that s not enought to play in competitive way, so take 4700 mq cpu
Don't listen to this guy above me. the intel i5 4210m is more than enough and it is stronger than most quad cores. and it's just a dual core. besides It's the GPU that matters not the cpu YOU WILL NOT NEED THE CORE I7 VERSION! It's a waste of $1200+ Just get the stock. it's all you need. Im running BF4 on Max. and they say you need a quad core to run it. Im running it just fine on the dual core i5

AND EVEN IF YOU DID HAVE THE I7 CPU DOES NOTHING FOR FRAMERATE UNLESS YOUR PROCESSOR IS ANCIENT. if you upgrade for example from a i3 to a i7 you might get 5-7 extra frames. but the core i5 and i7 are basically the same except the quad core has 2-4 extra threads and 2 extra cores. but still the same amount of cache so it makes little difference. unless your rendering videos you only need the dual core i5 and Im a hard core gamer as well. I play Gold sixes and highlander in tf2. and I Play planetside 2. and Counterstrike and even arma 3. you will be fine with the dual core. as I said buy the $1000 version on amazon because dell discontinued the 14 on their website

and Im also getting 60+ Fps on Arma 3 and BF4 on 1366x768 resolution and in 1920x1080 if you choose to upgrade you will probably be able to hold 60fps on high instead of ultra on BF4 and it still looks amazing on high
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