Is The Upgrade A Good Decision - Quick Reply Please

So, I recently purchased an Alienware m14x R2 and by recently I mean 75 days ago~ (close to my 90 day Costco warranty:)). Anyway, the new version has come out and I was wondering, should I go and return it and upgrade it.

My computer has been having the: won't recognize AC Adapter Problem, and I've tried everything before finally realizing I will most likely need to deal with Dell's horrible customer service and to get replacement parts that may or may not work.

Or.... I could exchange my $1400 laptop for a new $1500 one. This one would have better graphics, a 4th gen intel CPU, a faster, yet 250gb smaller harddrive (its ok I prefer 750g 7200 rpm over 1t 5400rpm) and 1920x1080 display. However, it will have 4 less gb of ram (or I could pay $100 and go all the way to 16gb).

So I was wondering, what do you guys think. I would like a quick reply so I could know whether or not I should talk to my dad, because counting shipping I may be running low on my warranty:).

Thanks ahead guys!