Is there LGA 1155 motherboard that fits Aurora R3


New Member
Nov 26, 2015

I have a problem... I bought Intel i7 3770 CPU and tried to put it in my Alienware Aurora R3 PC.
Motherboard is 046MHW.
When I try to start the computer it doesnt boot, I only get constant beeping. Like BEEP-BEEP---BEEP-BEEP
over and over again. So I tought my mainboard with A06 bios doesnt support i7 3770 CPU.
So my question is... Is there a mainboard that I can fit in Aurora R3 case that support i7 3770 CPU and is it possible to get everything to work?

My specs are :
CPU intel core i5 2300
Dual Channel DDR 3 12 GB (2x 2GB 667 MHz, 2x 4GB 800 MHz)
Asus Nvidia GForce GTX 780 Ti
I think PSU is 850W or 1000W

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks alot!