Is this the unlocked bios we are all waiting for ?

It was released on 7/10/2013. I am not too confident yet when it comes to messing around with teh laptop stuff so i wanted to get everyones opinions first. Does this work for all 18's? or is every 18 from different years different? Needless to say it has me confused. lol. i emailed Mr. Fox to ask him.

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nevermind, mr. fox said not to update to that bios. it doesn't unlock it like I was hoping for.


Oct 26, 2012
Toronto ON CA
Dell only releases locked versions on their site and it looks like this version is only for the new 18

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Unlocked are hacked bios versions :cool:
You won't find them on any dell site ;)
actually the bios was released today 7/23/13 not on the 10th..I have the new alienware 18...i really wish someone would release a hacked bios then soon. lol.

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Mr. Fox here are two quick pictures of the new bios today A02. Anything look different to you? I only have had the computer for about a week so i dont remember what the old bios had.