Just another Alienhead

This Community is great, I am glad I found it. As a proud owner of 1 m17x
that is currently a large red paperweight being sent into a dell depot to get fixed:mad:. I also own 1 m11x that has been wisked away by my kid because she likes the cool colors, and it plays sims better than the family home computer.
I hope to learn alot more that can be done to my computers. with that said HI to everyone
broken M17x

Just had the motherboard, fans, both video cards, sli cable replaced because of black screens, multicolored screens, red screens, and freezes. after about 25 hours with dell support. 2 minutes after that was replaced we ran dx11 benchmark to test and the computer hard froze while the technician was here. so they had me send it in. love the computer when it runs....I have more time with dell support than I have on the computer:( Can't figuer it out, I baby the darn thing, keep it clean, and up to date and this is the thanks I get, My kid leaves the mx11 on the bed, floor, throws it in her backpack, manhandles it and it runs flawless.......sometime you can't win for losing.......but when mine is working she can't even come close to the speed of mine:)