Just Arrived - Unboxing/Startup Advice?

I will be unboxing my m17x R4 this evening when I get home. Aside from standard things like looking the thing over, updating drivers, bootdisc, etc., is there anything else I should consider doing to the laptop before I start loading it up with all my 'crap' [as my wife calls it]? Never had a high-end laptop like this before, so just curious as to whether or not you all just dive right into the thing, or maybe do something else I haven't considered.


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Exciting day ahead for you!! Like you said, the drivers are the first thing especially the Nvidia one. The one from Dell is usually hopelessly out of date so go straight to Nvidia. It can be a good idea to give AlienRespawn a look. Check it out here.

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Actually the Dell Nvidia driver isn't too bad right now so you may just want to go with that as Dell make sure their drivers are perfectly compatible with the AW systems.