Just bought New 18 Need some questions about fans and overclocking

hello guys. I just bought the base model with the i7-4700 and gtx 765m sli. I had a 14 and I loved it so much I decided to get an 18. my questions are why do my fans never seem to kick into full steam when I have load on the gpu. I remember when I updated to new bios from dell website the fans kicked up hard and they never seem to do that under full load? and is there some custom bios I can get to overclock my gtx765m? when I use furmark it always shows them throttling and I cant seem to fix it when I look on gpuz it dosnt show anything in the sensors for perf cap reasons other than util

any modded bios or better programs than what I am currently using? I just wanna know why its always throttling my gpus when they don't get over 68 c and its not showing power cap in gpu-z?

much helped appreiciated guys :) also how long in the future do you think gtx765m sli will last for decent gaming? :) thanks one again if someone could help me ive googled this about the 765m sli and cant really find a clear answer
good questions .
i don't know anything about overclocking the GPUs , nore i'm interested right now , but what i can tell you for sure ,after checking the GPUs with Everest , is that the fans keep the video cards pretty cool , so it might be the reason why the fans don't go full throttle .
now , it would be nice if there would be an app that could monitor the Fans , GPU temp , HDD temp , Ram temp (if there is a sensor there) and GPU 1&2 temps , app that is made by Alienware
with Everest is a bit over the hand to use it , plus Everest is not made for that purpose .
does anyone know any kind of app for this ?

as for your gtx765 SLI , here's a good chart about them

for gaming list , visit this link , to compare your 765 SLI with other video cards :

also you can compare them with other videocards , so don't worry , you will be able to play good games even in 2016. max settings ? don't know , but if tech is developing at the current step ... maybe not ...
but , i think you can buy new video cards and replace your old ones ...
you gotta ask the more experienced users !