Just got my new new alienware m14


Mar 1, 2013
So I recently returned my m14 due to hardware problems, so I was debating either to get the m14 or m17 and I decided on the m14 again :) here are the specs

Intel i7 3630QM
8gb ram
500gb sata + 32gb ssd cache
900p screen
Killer wireless n 1202
2gb GT650m
DVD/cd burner
Everything else pretty standard. It's alot better than my previous m14 which was stock everything

One question, I heard dell does not load the operating system onto the 32gb ssd is this true? I don't want to have to reinstall it onto there if I don't have too.
I considered moving the OS to my 32gb mSATA drive as well but decided not to when I did the math and realized that it was going to be a tight squeeze with both the OS and pagefile occupying the limited space. I would probably have been further tempted if I had a 64bg mSATA and a no brainier with 128gb or larger.

It can be done from the research I did. But consider the real estate and read about some other people's experiences with the migration. Many experienced no difference or even poorer performance when the drive was used for the OS rather than caching.