just had to share


Feb 26, 2012
man i was digging around to find my old threads on my 6850 loop. man i can say i am proud to have taken my aurora to where its at now. its not something alot would have done or spent the money on. its gonna be so hard to lay it to rest. i think im gonna cry


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
It's definitely a labor of love! I have enjoyed jumping into the custom water cooling pool as well. I just sold my ALX case last week and it was hard to see it go after all the effort to get it and build it up. You've definitely spent a lot more time with yours over the years. Once you start building your new HAF you'll wonder how you ever did without all that space. Even my Fractal isn't big enough anymore. Gotta get me a HAF!! :D
Don't cry. Just be proud that you raised your Aurora to be the man it could be. :D
I still have my legacy Aurora R5. I will most likely put the parts from my current build in there and start from scratch again so keep an eye out! I'm thinking of painting the inside white and doing a white/blue system.