just installed my samsung 840 pro 512

my alienware 18 came with a 512 gb samsung SSD drive ( not sure which model) but i paired it with my new Samsung Pro Series 840 512 in Raid 0 and WOW!!!


Question before installing the new drive and creating the raid 0 my windows experience low score was 7.8 which was for my hard drive. After this which seriously increased the speeds it still gets the same score of 7.8 after running it again. I know the windows experience test is crap but im just curious as to why it hasn't changed at all. any ideas?
Thats weird, I got 2 vertex 3 SSD's in a RAID 0 and I got a 7.9. You refreshed your Windows experience rating after setting up the RAID?

by refresh you mean just run it again right? if so yes. my two lowest scores are 7.8 one for the hard drive the other is for my cpu. When i overclocked my cpu to 4.3ghz (i7 4930MX) it stayed at 7.8 also. So im not sure if im doing something wrong or not.