Just realizing what I've been missing!

hey all,
Just bought my first gaming PC last week, an R4 with a Geforce 780 and I have but one thing to say...JESUSHEFFINGCHHRIST!
I picked up both a PS4 and Xbox One at launch and to be honest, I was really underwhelmed. Not that they're bad boxes by any means, but after 7 years, you want to be wowed, yunno?

So that being said (and after reading time and time again that PC gaming was the way of the Gods), I decided to look into a dedicated gaming PC. At first I was thinking about building, but after pricing it out, I realized the cost savings was meh, at best. So then I started looking at custom builders and Alienware came up time and time again, although I have come to realize there are more than a few haters out there.

Anyhoo, long story short, have had it set up now just about a week and I absolutely love it. Thus far, I've picked up FC3, Metro LL, Splinter cell BL, Hitman Absolution and Crysis 3 and spent just about the same amount as I would for ONE new console game! And they all look delish running at Ultra settings. Only problem now is that I want to upgrade the TV I play on (A sharp 70 inch) to something in a 4K variety to really up the stakes...

Got lots of advice from the people on the forum and I'm happy to be here!



Apr 12, 2012
You'll need at least 3 titans and a 2011 socket cpu so your pcie lanes aren't bottlenecked. 4k tvs are still in their infancy, they only do 30hz right now, max fps you'll get is 30. You need serious money and power for 4k when they do more than 30hz.

tappin from the neXus 5
Something else to consider... triple screens instead of one big one. If you play a lot of first person shooters, three 30" monitors might be a better choice than a single 4k monitor, due to the surround aspect giving you some peripheral vision. And they might be about the same price... three $1k 30" monitors gives 12 megapixels, vs. one $3k 32" 4k monitor giving 12 megapixels.