keep getting random blue screens after windows update

doing a clean install of windows and i follow the install order and i keep getting blue screens as soon as i start doing windows updates formated machine 5 times today cause after i would do the install of the drivers everything would work fine then windows updates the blue screens starts just random the pc starts to get sluggish and then crashes blue screen..this m17xr3 wasn't working for almost 1 year was going to buy a new video card to replace the 460m because the screen went white one day and refused to start up and the screen wouldn't even light up but everything else i thought hey its the video card and since i didn't have 400 bucks to drop on a card for the LT i left it go..well when i was going to buy a new one i took this appart and checked the video card and checked the heat pads and cleaned out fans put it all together and tried to start it and bam i got video again after a year so reformated it and nothin but blue screens after windows up date every single time...sorry so long but just wondering if anyone else would have the issues.


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Try doing one windows update at a time. This may pinpoint where the issue is. My mate is having a similar problem. It BSODs after the intel graphics update. It also blue screens once you start any game. I think it's a GPU failure. Hopefully it's not the same for you