Keyboard Backlight Issues


New Member
Nov 9, 2018
Just got this computer a couple of weeks ago (17 R5) and it seems to have gone a bit wonky after recent updates, maybe? Anyway. The symptoms are:

Everything lights up that should except the main keyboard and the number pad. All are editable in Command Center and the edits work just fine. So, all the side-lights and body lights are fine, and (inexplicably) the leftmost part of the keyboard (the macro keys), but no other part of the keyboard.

This is a work machine and I need these keys to light up. i don't care in which color. I work in a dark room and the machine is backlit, so the keyboard, when dark, is basically invisible. I touch-type so writing isn't an issue but many other functions require me to see the keys =(

I've done obvious stuff like rebooting, reinstalling CC, turning it to dim/dark and back again, switching themes, etc. All the fiddling I could think of.

Everything worked fine for the first couple of weeks. Also. I can confirm that those parts of the keyboard are getting juice because things like the Caps Lock and Num Lock indicator lights work just fine.