Keyboard Lighting and Motherboard Issues.


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Jun 30, 2017
My 2 month old AW17R4 backlight keyboard has dark spots around the space bar and between the shift key and the keypad. The shift key doesn't want to work unless I deliberately press it hard. The keyboard has been replaced three times now and this is still a problem. Did they get a whole batch of defective keyboards.?
Last time they decided to replace the motherboard and keyboard together.
The tech that installed the new motherboard commented that the replacement was smaller than the original. He then brought up the BIOS and it said it was a AW15R3. After he called Dell to report the wrong part, I asked him remove it and put the original back in.
Even I know that a mother board set up for an AW15R3 would cause all kinds of conflicts with the everything including the registry in the AW17R4. I am being told by the supplier that it won't make a difference at all since they are the same part number.

Any answers, advice, experience, anything will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You