keyboard lighting

I am not able to find a way to set or test my keyboard lighting.

At the moment it has a feint yellow color and its a bit sickening so would like to either change the color to something more soothing or switch the coloring off.

I have been doing some searching and found articles mentioning alienfx tester and Dell enhanced feature pack but have not found wither that will download and install on Windows 10 x64.

Anyone any help for me please?


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
If you check the taskbar icon tray you should have a green or red Alien head. If the head is green you can right click it and set it to Go Dark. This will turn off your lights. If you don't have an Alien head then you may not have the Command Center application installed.
Use your Service Tag (on a sticker on your laptop) in the Dell Support website and click the Drivers and Downloads tab. Search for the Command Center Application and install it.
Did not have the icon but have got Command Center which I have previously tried to use but was not successful.
With your prompt I tried again and found under Fx, lighting and selecting all keys was able to change my keyboard back light to a nice subtle blue.
Thank you.