Keyboards (s!) not responding after drop

I have an AW m18x that's well out of warranty and in need of service. It had a minor "high deceleration event" :eek: and the keyboard, macro board and bezel buttons aren't working now. If I plug a USB KB in, it works just fine and the rest of the machine works 100%. The AW diagnostics (F12) all pass without issue and the machine seems perfect except for the various KBs not working. I've opened the lid and re-seated the various connectors. See, that's the thing; as there is a macro keyboard, main keyboard and bezel button strip all with different connectors and all three of the KBs aren't working I can't see it being a connector issue. The LEDs for all three boards are working although one section of the main board seems a little dimmer than before the impact.

It was about a 3 foot drop onto thick-pile carpet. The lid was opened and it came down on the front, left side (the corner where the hard-drives are mounted and ended up sitting on its side with the lid opened. No visible damage.

Initially, it was not POSTing and only beeped in a loud, rapid pattern (not a beep code, just a never-ending sequence). I unplugged the HDD (750Gb) and backed it up using another computer. When everything was put back, it POSTed fine and runs perfectly except I can't, for the life of me, get any of the keyboard sections (macros, main, bezel) to be recognized. As I said, a USB keyboard works perfectly

I really don't want to ship it back to Dell as I've heard mixed reviews and honestly, not being in direct control of my machine is too worrisome.

Does anyone have any thoughts?
Update in hopes of anyone else encountering the issue:

I ordered a new keyboard and macro board from the parts-people in Texas.

The main keyboard was replaced and everything is working. I have no explanation how one keyboard killed all the user input, but it's fixed and I'm grateful beyond words.

Take Care