Laptop Keyboard Problem


Apr 22, 2014
Hello there, I am glad I found these forums as I haven't been able to get any help elsewhere.
I'm a new AW laptop owner and so ecstatic about it and its performance.

However, and I have noticed this with 1 game only (other games work perfectly fine):
in NBA 2k13 and 2k14, if I am holding the "W" key (for sprint), the arrow keys work but not simultaneously as they should: which means, I could be pressing UP for the player to move forward, if I press left or right with it the player keeps moving forward, I have to release the "W" key to be able to move/strafe sideways.

I haven't been able to get any meaningful support from 2k, I hope someone knows about this issue or has faced something similar to it.

Please note that all the keyboard keys are working fine, tested them all.

Thanks in advance,