Late Hello :)


Jul 13, 2012
Hello all,

Still finding my feet in this fabulous site and just noticed the introduction thread, thought I'd pop in and say hello.

So, I'm Irish, mother of two wee boys, Andrew 14yrs, who has Autism and Jonathan 11yrs, who has Aspergers syndrome, both as much computer addicts as me, lol!

It's really important for me to be able to manage our household computers, both boys have their own systems and when things go wrong it kinda makes life difficult as they rely on their computers a lot.

So my hope is to learn as much as I can on this site and also to help out if I can. At the moment my knowledge is limited to a few small areas surrounding problems I've encountered so far and researched or been guided by the alienware tech people. I still have a lot to learn. lol!

I'm so thankful for the replies I've got in response to asking for help with my Aurora & M15x, it means a lot when people take time to reply, much appreciated!

kind regards,