LED strip on the left shows wrong colors

Hi guys there's a problem with the lighting of my alienware 14. All other zones are okay but the left strip of light (zone 6) on the sides shows wrong/mixture of colors. For example I choose yellow on zone 6, up to a certain length of the strip it is yellow..but it starts to get darker until it is orange. So the strip kinda lights up say 30% yellow 10% mixture of yellow and orange and the rest 60% orange. Note that there's no problem if I choose blue or red but choosing green causes some part of the light strip to be yellow and choosing orange gives a mixture of orange and red.Also note that the right strip does not display this problem. AlienFx tester green lights up alright..but choosing green through the CC produces this problem. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks! :)

P.S I have uninstalled and renstalled(also rebooted) the alien command center.
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Sounds like the LED is fucked and it can't work out how to make the color its meant to. If you've tried reinstalling Command center then I'm not sure what else it can be.

Could this be a software issue? Cause the green on the AlienFxTester lights up just fine.. but choosing the same shade of green from the Command center causes the problem. And if the LED is faulty, can I have it replaced? Sorry for being so whiny.. bought this laptop with my hard earned money and even a little defect seems to be a big deal for me :/