Legacy Laptop


Apr 15, 2013
I have a AlienWare Laptop that was left behind in an apartment (I know right!) Anyway..after inspecting the rig, I discovered that 1) it needed an ac adaptor and 2) it needed the video card replaced. I found the items on ebay and had them ordered. Got the ac adaptor first and verified that it worked. I received the video card nest and replaced the one that was in the rig with the replacement. Booted it up and got to the guest desktop - WOOHOO!! Well the laptop has Windows Vista Home Premium on it - I want to put windows 7 x64 on it but before I do I want to see if I am able to get all the drivers for it. Anyone know where I can get them at? I have attached some pics of the manufacturer tags on the bottom of the laptop. One sticker says m9700i-R1 series and the other says Area51 M9750 which I am assuming is the actual model number. I have been to the legacy laptop forum but some of the links are broken and the one that I was able to get to was misleading for drivers. Any info or help will be greatly appreciated! Attached files ---> WP_20150303_002.jpgWP_20150304_08_33_22_Pro.jpgWP_20150304_08_33_36_Pro.jpg