Lets play Netrunner!


May 4, 2012
So my step cousin in-law (13 years old) plays magic cards.... he found out I used to play back in 1994-1996 and always wanted me to play a few games with him... so I picked up a few boosters and a deck builder box at the local walmart and went over there. We played a few games, then his step dad (my father in law) comes over and hands me two boxes that say Netrunner on them.

Its a hacker card game from 1996 by the same guys that did magic. Looks pretty fun. So now I need to learn netrunner, then next comic convention I go to I need to break out the netrunner cards and confuse all the young nerds :)

BTW if your wondering, im 30 years old, and yes I had all the super rare super expensive magic cards back in the day. They were all stolen about 6 years ago from my house :(