Lights Issue


New Member
Mar 26, 2014
Hello i bought an alw 17 6877 slv and its great, but i dont know why every time it sleeps lights go off and they dont come back. No matter what i do they dont come back and also i get an usb error message. The only solution i found for this is that i upgrade the bios to the A09 Upgrade launched a couple of weeks ago and after that restart lights come back. Every time it happens i have to upgrade the bios and i dont like that. Does any of you know an answer for this problem?
Try going into windows and change the power setting to never sleeps..I do that to all my systems seen to many issues with sleep mode I don't like it anyways. Back in the day you wanted it to sleep and screen to go dark so you didn't image burn it. None of it matters anymore on modern systems just my 2 cents.