Liquid Cooled X51 fun!


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Aug 14, 2013
United States
Well recently I upgraded the go fast parts on my x51 from a base i5 with a GT545 version to an i7 with a GT660ti SC, with a few other things too. Anyhow after installing all these parts and gaming with my friends and comparing their temps I felt I had to do something. They both have liquid cooled fullsize pc's and tons of fans to boot but I still wanted to lower mine considering my temps were reaching mid to high 80's if I kept my side cover on. Plus my friend's were maxing out well below 60 which shocked me. I figured lower temps = greater cpu longevity so I looked into my options.


When going about a game plan on how to mount this I had to consider a couple different things. My priorities were as follows...

1. I had to make sure the fan had enough space for air intake
2. I wanted to be able to remove my side cover without having to disassemble my cooling system
3. I didn't want to increase the foot print of the pc on my desk

Based on all of that, I figured on top was my best bet. Hot air rises, so I have my fan underneath the radiator blowing up through it to hopefully optimize that. The mount itself is welded mild steel that I brushed down and then coated with plastidip afterwards for vibration absorption and to make it black. I designed the mount to fit inside the grated area on the back to avoid having to get near the electronic areas with any tools. Cutting the hole on the back was tricky but after I took some tubing that I split and placed around the edge to cover the mess and protect the cooling tubes passing through.

Temp Differences of my CPU
Air range : 59c - 89c
Liquid range : 19c - 49c

I suck at uploading images to forums so I'll post a link to a gallery and if anyone wants to post them in here feel free!

Hope you enjoy!


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Aug 11, 2013
San Diego
hmmm, very interesting indeed .

One of the things I don't like about my X51 is the extremely limited amount of space to upgrade or make changes to it . I love my aurora ALX more so over my X51 due to the fact that I can add as much stuff to it as I like , BUT the draw back to that is the size of the case so huge I have to have it sitting on the floor because my desk isn't big enough to support it. True what they say I suppose , everything has its ups and downs / pros and cons.