Looking at Getting my Aurora into Tip-Top Shape


Aug 10, 2016
Looking at getting my Aurora R4 ALX looking better.
Heres what Im starting with:
-Saw a post on the gallery of wrapping the side panels with black brushed aluminum, looked like it came out very nice!
Might go down that route if I dont find anything better.
-Secondly, I want to give the bare chassis a shot of black. All other ALX systems came with a black chassis from Alienware so why not the Aurora?
-Also this is an ALX, so with that in mind I want to use some sort of chrome in the build

Heres What Im thinking:
Excuse these Horrible Diagrams, Anything with red on it will be chrome, Anything with black would get the vinyl wrap.
Aurora Concept.jpgAurora Concept 2.jpg
Performance Wise, This is gonna be my Linux/Secondary Gaming PC so its good on Processor and RAM, However Im gonna put in an R9 290 and an SSD to boost performance. Have Linux Fedora on it at the moment and gonna load Windows on to the SSD.
Thanks, -Andrew
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