Looking to upgrade GPU from Alienware X51 R1


New Member
Dec 22, 2016
I currently have a nvidia GT 545 graphics card and am looking to upgrade to a nvidia 1050TI.
In order to do this I would need a new power supply, could someone suggest a cheap power supply that would fit into my case. Also, would any other problems arise when installing the 1050TI or should I be able to just switch it with the GT 545.

Thanks, Grove


Nov 2, 2016
The power supply is the brick as it's called is connected to power cable into your wall socket .it's not internal power supply.
I had 220 watt power supply and changed to 330 power supply. You can get on eBay just make sure it's 330 watt .if you getting 330 watt you can run gtx 1050ti easy