Loss for words.... *Video*


Oct 26, 2012
Toronto ON CA
this is like more than 2 years old video (check the timestamp)
yes what you said is right and particularly AW haters (or any "haters" in that case) are just ignorant/arrogant/idiots who have nothing better to do at that moment other than whine. Or in this case, worse.

When ever I post a video, if its old it don't matter. The only thing that does is if it was posted here previously. Which in this case it wasn't. :) I agree with you on your haters outlook.

I don't care how long it was ago. I'd never seen that vid. The world is definitely full of idiots! Someone should take a hammer to them. My guess is they wouldn't hold on as long as that AW did.

The commentator/narrator did not sound too bright to begin with.
Regardless of what brand it is, its just a waste of money. Spoilt brats. If I came home to my kids doing that, I can tell you who is walking to school in their undies.

Exactly. As I said earlier ignorant idiots.
By 2 years old I meant thought many of you must have seen it. Well maybe things would have changed, ppl change how they think.
Or guess not lol