Loud fans on start, quiet after sleep mode


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Mar 21, 2013
United States
After I upgraded my old Aurora R3 motherboard to a Maximus V Gene, I noticed that I could not change the AlienFX lights (which was expected), and a significant difference in the fan noise level. When I turn my computer on from being completely powered off, all the fans seem to be at maximum rpm, but after putting it in sleep mode, then putting it out of sleep mode, the fans seem to be at the usual rpm, and the lights turn on red but cannot be changed. When the computer is shut off, the alien head on the front of my computer stays red and the motherboard lights are on. I'm not sure if this is normal, but I don't think it should be getting any power when it's off (correct me if I'm wrong). I would like to know if anyone else is having this fan problem after upgrading their motherboard, and if someone knows a way to fix it. Also, since I cannot use Thermal Controller, and anything on the command center, is there anyway to set the rpm by using a different program or any other means? I could make a video of my problem if it makes things easier to understand.