Low FPS playing League of Legends


New Member
Oct 7, 2015
Hey guys, I bought the Alienware 17 R2 about 2 weeks ago and I'm experiencing low FPS playing League of Legends.

The game runs normally at 50-60 FPS but is like 20 when there is a lot happening in the screen (teamfights). Sometimes the game is at +200 FPS so I think I have something wrong.

I tried some things I read in other Alienware Forums but it didn't work.

When I play Rocket League the game is fine even at max quality (LOL is the same in low and high, same problem).

I have i7-4720HQ 2.60 GHz and GeForce GTX 970M

If someone knows how to fix this I would be really happy since I spent a lot of money in this.

I'm from Argentina so sorry for English mistakes.

I know nothing about laptops or computer, if you need more info to help please ask. Thanks in advance.

If this is wrong forum please tell me where to post, first time here.