M/IO & Top Lighting Board Question


New Member
Aug 24, 2017
I have an old Alienware Aurora R4 and it includes a master io board along with a top lighting board. I decided to do a case swap and have transferred everything that I thought I needed (including the two boards.) I booted up and my pump doesn't seem to be running. My master io board has power but I'm thinking the top lighting board (which is where the pump plugs into) does not have power. From left to right the top lighting board has 1. SYS FAN 2. CPU FAN 3. TEMP SENSOR 4. MEM FAN 5. CPU PUMP...There are two other connectors unlisted. I have the CPU PUMP, SYS FAN, and one that is unlisted which I believed to be the power since it seems to be the only one connected to the Master IO board. Where did I go wrong?