M11X help wanted urgently please

Guys... my HD crashed so I went and bought a new one but now I need someone to clone their M11X Windows 7 Ultimate Setup disc (with drivers) for me please and iso image it and post me a link where i can download it from so I can get my m11x back to factory standards as this damned Windows 8 does not recognise my drivers nor my hardware (besides the fact that its a really crappy OS) ... sigh what a wast of money ... I stay in cape town if anyone feels generously like posting me a disc also then email me for my address thx guys (cos dell USA says they dont deliver to SA)
nope no disc ... think mine was misplaced when i moved ...

seems my box with all my dvds cds and electrical equipment was "misplaced" by the movers when i moved ... only realised it too late to make a claim from them so if anyone is feeling kind enuff to help out a fellow m11x owner by sending him the driver disc it would really be appreciated ... email me at spotpro at gmail dot com for my address ... + 27 83 556 1594 mobile number
I downloaded the drivers dell offers according to my Service tag but there are still 3 items that do not load drivers for and I am pedantic that way everything must be working even if i dont use it... I suspect its my bluetooth and Microcard reader drivers ... but it says base item driver missing ... SIGH