M11X Loops on Alien Head logo


New Member
May 2, 2015
My m11x was working just fine, and I did no hardware or software changes. Additionally, I'm deployed so I have no internet, CDs, flashdrives etc for recovery. Suddenly this morning my laptop loaded upto the alien head logo before windows and when completed loops back to the logo forever. It appears to be wnidows related, but I cannot get into safe mode either pressing or holding f5, f8, or del. F2 works to get into the setup and bios page and f12 works, where I ran the diagnostics, fully, and reported no errors. Is there any kind of workaround, or something for the future to retain the data or get windows to load. I suspect when I was in port and had intermittent internet it may have unsuccesfully done some windows update but I'm not sure. I would think I could fix it in safe mode, but again cannot load the menu for advanced windows/data recovery