M11x R1 Hinge Issue.

Hey all,

Just picked up an M11x R1 on the cheap from ebay and was wondering if it was worth contacting Dell to see if they would repair the hinge issue that is a known defect with these laptops?
Still waiting on the laptop being delivered from the US so dont have the service tag etc to contact Dell with yet.
What ya reckon?
I can fx the hinges myself but was wondering if Dell still repaired these outside of warranty.
There was a post on this forum, I believe DDuB made it, where he linked an article (if I recall correctly) that stated that warranty doesn't transfer when you buy an used AW.

Aye, totally understand that but this is a fault that is known to Dell and they did actually repair a lot of the R1's that were out of warranty.

Will keep you posted once I have received the laptop.