M14x Clean Heatsinks without dismantling


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Aug 30, 2017
Hi guys,

as my quite old M14x notebook got unbearably slow due to overheating, I've discovered on this page that this is because of clogged heat sinks on the inside of the notebook. So I've dismantled it, freed the heat sinks of dust and now it's running perfectly fine again, thanks for this solution!

However, I'm now asking myself whether there is an easier way of cleaning these heat sinks when they get filled up with dust again without having to dismantle the whole notebook. As some of you might know, the cooling system is the very last part to reach. Additionally, you'd have to apply new thermally conductive paste each time you clean it.

So my question is, whether some of you have experience with the very same problem and maybe know a practical way to clean the inside heat sinks without having to dismantle the whole machine.

I'd appreciate any answers, thanks in advance!

Best regards