m14x r2 multiple displays - Intel vs GeForce


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Jun 1, 2013
Hey Guys!

i've searched freaking everywhere and practically blown a whole day on this, so any help is greatly appreciated.

I used to have a m14x r1 and had it connected to 3 external + laptop screen for a total of 4 screens. Worked amazing for programming, photoshop, and gaming all at once.

Upgraded to m14x r2... and it seems the r2 only allows for 3 displays total. I believe the issue is that the old m14x had all its ports pointing to the nvidia card, whereas the m14x r2 has only one port (the mini display port) pointing to the nvidia card. In the nvidia control panel, under multiple displays, it shows 3 of my displays (the hdmi, vga, and laptop under Intel (R) HD Graphics 4000 and only 1 of my displays (mini display port) under GeForce GT 650M.

Long story short, is there any way to force either the HDMI or the VGA port, or even the USB port (havent tried usb yet) to use the GeForce adapter instead of the Intel?

Ive also tried forcing it to use the nvidia processor globally in the Global settings in "Manage 3D Settings" in the Nvidia control panel to no avail.

In the "Set PhysX Configuration" I only have 1 port under GeForce and all the other ports are under Intel.

Hope all is well.