M14x R2 Overclock

Hi guys
I'm trying to slightly overclock my m14x
I will post the results and procedures applied
please tell me if there could be any improvements and if I am making any mistakes
till now I just did an OC of CPU and GPU

I have an i7 3610qm
8gb 1600mhz of ram
nvidia 650m 2 gb

entered the bios
set the following values:
-long duration power limit = 50
Long duration time window = 51
Short duration = Enabled
Short power limit = 80

for the GPU:
I tried both evga precision x and afterburner
I increased the core clock to 120mhz
and the memory clock to 60mhz

max temp reached by the CPU = 81C°
max temp reached by the GPU = 68C°

used kombustor to test the gpu
stable till now
please tell me how to increase the oc capable of being stable