M14x4 over clock

The nutshell is...
No, don't bother overclocking your machine. CPU or GPU. The machines aren't built with any sort of reputable cooling system and the gains would be too small to measure.
In fact, turning off Turbo in the BIOS can help a lot, your temps will drop by 5-10C without any real effect on your performance.


Mar 1, 2013
^ i agree. i have an m14x r2 as well and i would never OC. our laptops gpu and cpu use one cooling fan as well as an integrated gpu so heat can become a real issue were as an m17 or m18 you could OC it. ive heard some people here have. if you are in need of more power you could always upgrade to the new line from alienware that will release this summer. ill be first in line to grab an m14r3 :)


Feb 21, 2013
Ok ... I would lisen to the 2 above posters as I'm new to overclocking and as they correctly say I have a m18x . All I know about overclocking I learnt from people here on this forum .. So take what they say as truth ( espicaly mr fox ( king of the overclockers ) )
Oh, you have an M18x, then yes by all means, those things are awesome machines to OC with.
My poor M14x was as good as it got, I did a thermal repaste job, good cleaning every other week, cooling pad... nothing overlooked software wise. I OC'd my GPU to it's fullest, I had an unlocked CPU OC capable BIOS but the best I saw in FPS gain was maybe 2-5 frames... It didn't help with explosive images or anything. It ended up being hassle so I turned everything off including Turbo and left it, barely noticed a thing except that my temps were a lot better.