m14xR1 new Nvidia Drivers give BSODs and horizontal pixel artifact lines


New Member
Oct 26, 2014
Hey guys,

has anyone had problems running their m14xR1 with new Nvidia drivers? I have a multi-monitor setup that is only stable with the original GeForce 267.21 driver. Whenever I install new drivers, BSODs and horizontal partial pixel lines start appearing. They appear especially after running GPU "intensive" things like games and even youtube (720p-1080p). It is also frequent to get the horizontal lines appear and BSODs on shutdown.
The only solution to the problem I have found so far is to go back to the old 267.21 driver again.

Has anyone had this issue and knows of a newer stable Nvidia driver for the m14xR1?
I would really appreciate to be able to use my system with a newer driver, the performance difference is crazy with many applications...

My system:
- win7 Home Premium
- i7 2630QM
- 16GB RAM
- 3GB Nvidia GeForce GT 555M (GF106 - A1)