m15x hd7970 video thermal issue please help

ok I bought a m15x that had the core i3 and the m240 in it , used and had a bad motherboard. I bought a new mobo and scraped the old and put in the i7 q720 in it along with the hd 7970 video card but since I put in the card my fans stay on all the time any 1 know why ?? I am using thermalgold compound I use it on my desk top and it keeps it about 10c cooler water cooled

m15x hd7970 2gb gddr5 i7 q720 8gb gskill 720gb hdd
You can always go with a program like Speed fan or a GPU over clock tool that lets you profile your fan's and monitor your temps. I use Asus GPU tweak. Best for you is Afterburner has a very easy fan profile set up then you know whats going on. Just some ideas for you.