M17 R2 unable to add / detect a bluetooth device


Apr 29, 2015
Long story short:

My laptop never was able to detect any bluetooth devices ever since factory delivered a few months ago.

Today I finally attached a bluetooth dongle (ASUS USB-BT400), device software installed fine. After the dongle installation, I disabled the internal bluetooth device.

Still no success: The "add a device" bluetooth option does not return any devices.

Am running W7 64, high level specs are here:

Alienware 17 R2 speccy.jpg

My bluetooth settings:

Alienware 17 R2 bluetooth settings.jpg

And yes, before anyone asks:

1.) The bluetooth symbol in my taskbar always did (and still does) show as "white on blue" (i.e. ready to connect).
2.) My bluetooth device (Samsung headphones) has enough battery, is turned on as detectable (am able to connect it via bluetooth to my iPhone without any issues), and within reach of the laptop.
3.) All drivers (per dell.com) are up to date.

I have searched the net for quite some time , but could not find any fix.

Thx for any help on this one!