M17 r4 Dots issue help needed.


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Jan 4, 2013
Hi everybody i bought an Alienware m17 r4 2 months ago and everything was ok untill a week ago when i got some dots on the screen.They are predominant red and as more red color is on the screen the more dots i got.i was thinking that is a display problem but after 2 shutdowns the dots are gone and the laptop is working fine.And this is happening every time that the laptop stays closed a few hours(the restart does NOT work 2 shutdowns are needed).i did an update on the BIOS and on all the hardware but the problem is still there.i cannot do a fresh install cause i m abroad right now...does anybody else have this problem?any ideea on how to solve it?Thanks in advance and sorry for any misswritten stuff english is not my native language.


Feb 21, 2013
Try leaving it open and turned off one night. In the morning, boot it up and see if they are still there. If they are gone, it's probably static electricity. In that case you can place an anti-static sheet over the keyboard when you close the laptop and the problem should go away. But, if they are there, then you have a display problem, not drivers.
It sounds like you were getting some stuck pixels. There is a program that displays colours for a couple of hours to really give the pixels a workout, and this can usually resolve the issue. But I suppose that nothing resolves a pixel issue like a new screen.

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