M17RX3 with AW2310 external Monitor only 6 months of use MINT


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Jun 28, 2016
image.png Alienware M17/RX3 with external monitor AW2310.

Yes this laptop is old, but I must stress the following. This laptop was used for 6 months period, monitor 4 months period.

EVERTHING is absolutely mint condition, not a spec of dust anywhere, not,even a fingerprint, I was so anal,taking care of this laptop that I used a cloth to,turn it on and off, so,I wouldn't get a single finger print on it.

It was used strictly for 1 thing only. Half life 2 online DEATHMATCH, nothing else, not even for web browsing or email, as I wanted to use as little as possible to keep it in perfect condition for playing DEATHMATCH.

When it was used I would actual run air conditioner in room as to keep,it ice cold,m it is the close thing to being still brand new.

When it was used it was only on the weekends for a few hours at that would be it. It still has the new computer smell... When not used it was always covered with a dust cloth.

There has never been a single issue with it, it hasn't been used for atleast 3 years, but is powered on occasionly,to,keep,things running, mainly to,install,updates but no gaming.

Why am I selling it? I was diagnosed many many years ago with a very painful condition called thoracic outlet syndrome. When I was in my 20s,30s I would game for hours and hours nonstop on self built desktop gaming systems, I did permanent damage to my left arm because of it.

I took break from gaming for 10 years, then decided to buy this laptop.

I thought after resting my arm for 10 years that I could resume gaming, after only 2 months the pain returned, at then end of 6 months I again quit gaming for life.

Stuck with this beautiful for at the time loaded laptop.

If brand new is considered 100, this system would be rated at 98.

I should have made attempts years ago to sell it, but couldn't bare to, hoping one day I could game again.

But I will never game again, and this beautiful laptop and monitor just sits.

I am in deep need for cash and struggling right now, like I said I don't plan on gaming ever again and it's time to let this laptop go.

$1500 for both the laptop and monitor. This equipment is a couple years old, the mileage on it is NOTHING, please feel free to email me or contact me direct at 973-316-0293 for more information.
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