M17x Internet download issue

S. Hope

New Member
Dec 15, 2015
I seem to have the same problem with my M17x as posted under '
M17x R4 Internet download issues" unfortunatelly there is no answer to that post.

My provider offers 500mb upload and download speed via glassfiber and I'm running windows 10.

a. This is working fine (350mb up and down) when I reboot in saftety mode with ethernet set to on.
b. Via normal mode and ethernet cable, I have a peak of 350mb for a second then it drops down to between 75 to 85 MB download and only 10mb upload.
c. Via normal mode and wifi, I get a 80mb download and 45mb upload (and no peak).

Yep, my wifi seems faster than my cable connection.

I'm the only device connected to the router and it doesn't change anything when I turn my firewall and anti-virus off. It occurs with and without my battery connected, so that's not it.

I called Dell support but they don't have a clue.