M17x r3 issue-who's ready for a challenge?


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Nov 20, 2014
Morning guys, or afternoon/evening wherever you are. I'm a fresh face with very little computer background or knowledge so the challenge will be coming from both myself and my recently acquired laptop.

Ok, I bought this used m17x r3 with no alienware discs or anything to do a full on 'back to out of the box status', I've always used mac before but decided I'd give a pc a go as my macbook was getting so slow and the idea of upgrading parts that need upgrading instead of having to buy a whole new unit every couple of years appealed to me. This one was for sale and on the whole it has been great, apart from this one really annoying fault, on start up and when coming out of hibernation or time out power save mode, the screen wont come back on, it is lit if you know what I mean but just a black kind of light, most of the time I can kick start it by using FN and F6 to switch display modes, then it goes to another viewing mode and then I can restore it to how its supposed to be. I know this isn't right but so far anything I have tried hasn't sorted the issue. It started about 6 weeks ago and I've had the laptop about 12 weeks, it may be coincidental but it seems to have started not long, maybe a day or so after I updated some NVIDIA and windows software, but not knowing much about the system or computers in general I don't know how to restore the previous version, and as mentioned I don't have what I think I need to carry out the full on hard reset of the unit.

Either way, this is what I have tried over the last couple of days, to no avail.....I have updated the latest NVIDIA drivers, got the latests windows software updates, deleted and installed latest dell display driver, flattened the battery, removed it, refitted and fully charged it, swore at it, threatened it with violence, and tried turning off the auto start function of the anti virus software and restarting the system, it just doesn't want to play.

If any of you pc wizards has any advice or suggestions they can offer me that would be most graciously received, but please keep in mind I have very little computer based knowledge and a lot of terminology you find quite basic may go way over my head, so please be patient too as I may fall into a coma-like trance if you use words that bamboozle me! Thanks again.



Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
If it wasn't doing it earlier then you could try a system restore to a point before the trouble happened. This will roll back any updates and remove any software you've installed. Then you can do windows updates one by one until you find out what the issue is. Hopefully you have an old enough restore point to do this with. Have you installed any special screensavers? I did that once and had problems coming out of sleep mode.


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Mar 19, 2015
Started experiencing this exact issue awhile back when I updated my nvidia drivers to 344.xx

Had to nuke the nvidia drivers, then installed the earliest version I could find (332.xx). Haven't had the issue reoccur yet.