M17x R3 modded inf request - Please?


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May 11, 2017

So I have replaced my GTX 560m with 675m running quite old drivers 345.20 about half a year ago.
Now Im trying to update to 382.05 , because Im experiencing lag spikes in different games but unfortunately Im not able to modify the inf file. I used several different guides, unfortunately not single one of them worked.

I would kindly ask if there is any good sould who would make the modded file for me?
My HW id:


Also, on the other hand, I probably need to replace my MOBO, but I have only GTX 675m and 120hz screen (Means no HD 3000) + unknown BIOS on new MOBO.

That means I can´t use 675m on new MOBO because of Bios and I can´t use HD 3000 because of 120hz screen

Theoreticly, what if I would move everything except for the GTX 675m and 120hz screen to new MOBO, plugged it in external monitor from my desktop (That means If we would suppose it is not disabled in Bios of new MOBO it would run on HD 3000, right?), update Bios and then put GTX 675m and 120hz screen back?

And last question xD Now when someone put GTX 1070 in old R4, do you think it could also be putted in R3, or when GTX 675m won´t be enough for me (I have desktop for gaming, but Im only at home at weekends, and not so much time during week so 675m is so far sufficient) should I just buy R4 MOBO -> getting more HW options? (I mean, R1 and R2 chasis are same and R3 and R4 chasis are same, aren´t they?)

Thanks in advance.