M17X R4 1st time setup. Please help select drivers, see screenshots:


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Oct 12, 2018
Hello all. This is my first Alienware computer and my first post here. Thank you for stopping in.

I just received my machine and I've used the Alienware branded CD to install W7 Home Premium 64 bit. The O/S install is clean, formatted the drive prior to install.

So now my friends, which drivers do I need to install and in what order? I went to the Dell website and entered my service tag. The two screenshots from Dell are the hardware that was originally installed on my machine, and the other one is the list of available drivers.

Finally, I have a screenshot of my device manager. I know how to do all the processes of getting everything installed. I just need to get the proper list of drivers and anything else I have to do to get this beast up and running to its full capacity. Remember, I'm new to Alienware, so any tips or advice about it along the way would be very much appreciated!

BTW, I have tried installing a chipset and a network driver just to see if I can get the machine online, but to no avail. It seemed like drivers installed in both cases, but nothing changed with the machine. That install got reformatted over. Once I install incorrect drivers I scrap that installation and start fresh. That's why getting this list would be extremely helpful. I could probably get it myself, but after way more reformats that I care to do! Thanks folks!Dev Man Screenshot.PNGM17XR4 hardware.JPGM17XR4 Drivers.JPGM17XR4 hardware.JPGM17XR4 Drivers.JPG