M17x R4 8.1 update issues

Hi All,
I am having problems when upgrading to 8.1. although the update runs without a hitch, I am always left with issues such as, Intel graphics not working and not being detected in bios. Games not recognizing the graphics card (ATI 7970). Other issues are that I cant move icons on my desktop, (I have stardock Start8 installed and updated).
Webcam disappears and I cant reinstall it. These are just some of the problems I have been getting. I have tried to update all drivers after update but to no avail. At this stage I have reverted back to Win 8 from an image created before updating 3 times. should I just stick with Win8 or is there a workaround for this problem and are other people experiencing these problems as well.
Any help would be appreciated.

Quick Specs
16GB Ram
30GB Cache Drive
1TB Raid0
ATI 7970 Graphics


Dec 26, 2012
Hi springy2 I have the same system except mine is running windows 7 but I don't update any graphics drivers threw windows update as it was doing the same. For the the graphics I use AMD auto detect and all other updates for my machine I stick with the dell updates as it just causes loads of trouble when you let windows update your drivers and that keeps my system stable. hope this is of sum help
Thanx for the reply, shankc.
I have been updating all drivers from dell as well as trying ATI and Intel for gfx drivers. I don't rely on windows updates for drivers. As stated, my main problem is that when I update to 8.1, which runs without any problems, is that the intel gfx are not listed in the bios or device manager and when I try to install appropriate drivers from dell website, I get the message that no device exists. CCC is installed but games say they cant recognize intel or ATI gfx. If I can find a workaround for this problem, I might be able to start to find solutions to others.